Easy way to learn KP Natal Astrology Hardcover


1) Do not buy this book if you calculate the pages with the price. 2) This book is on astrology, NOT on literature. Don’t buy if you want 100% English error-free book. In the science of astrology, natal astrology is most important for one and all as an astrologer can read all events about the native from a birth chart, and horary astrology cannot give what is not promised in the birth chart. This book is Kanak’s 9th book in his endeavor of propagating KP astrology by publishing the World’s First E-magazine, free monthly KP-Ezine since February 2007 to date, contributing articles to KP magazines and conducting KP and Vastu workshops as a professional astrologer. With a brief theory on the main requirement of KP system like sub, significators etc, this book is presented in a sharing format of Kanak’s 23 years practical experience supported by 150 real charts with birth details in chart style of both North and South Indian, according to various events of cusp by cusp, 1st to 12th. In the demonstrated example charts, the required hint or rule, cuspal analysis, ruling planets and dasa analysis have been done with clear explanation. Based on his own experience Kanak has used six-fold significators and neglected retrogression in ruling planets in his natal analysis. In this regard the sub lord can still be used in choosing fruitful significators as it plays the double role of the decider as well as significator, and retrogression is up to one’s experience and belief or disbelief. In short this book is informative, and very useful and practical not only to KP learners but also for practitioners because it has touched almost all topics of one’s life. By: Tin Win (USA)


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