Srimad Bhagavatamu (Telugu Vachanamu)


Bhagavatam is about Bhakti and Bhaagavats who attained Moksha by soaking themselves in Bhakti Rasa. Sri Veda Vyasa authored and Sri Suka popularized this content. This two volume book by Sri Somayaji is easy prose of the Bhagavata which essentially contains complex Tatva of Bhakti, Moksha, Saankya, Bhaagavata Dharma,…etc. It has also quoted Pothana’s poems (about 180) that amazingly enhanced the notion of Tatva as well as poetic beauty of expression. With standard commentaries such as Akhandananda Saraswati’s Sameeksha for understanding the complex Tatva, this is a detailed book for common readers. Overall, It is a great addition to the home library.


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